Global War

Western Forces attempting to reclaim the Outer Isles from the Xylvanians during the Solar Campaign

The Global War was the main event in Battalion Wars, the conflict involved the Western Frontier, the Tundran Territories and the Solar Empire in a war against the forces of Xylvania, led by Kaiser Vlad in his quest to conquer the world.



In the middle of the restarted war between the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories, Tsar Gorgi asked the assistance of Kaiser Vlad of Xylvania as the Tundrans were losing ground to the Frontier, Vlad agreed with the condition that the Tundran Territories would have to give up the Dune Sea to the Xylvanians.

As the war continued, the Tundran Territories were at their last as the Frontier won battle after battle, eventually, both sides fought to a stalemate until Xylvanian Bombers led by Countess Ingrid came and bombed both sides, after the bombing, Marshal Nova ordered a ceasefire that would eventually become an alliance to stop the Kaiser Vlad's intent to conquer the world.

The Alliance's Offensive on the Dune Sea (Campaign 2)Edit

The Xylvanian Invasion of the Solar Empire (Campaign 3)Edit

The Return of the Iron Legion (Campaign 4)Edit

Xylvania's Last Stand (Campaign 5)Edit


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