Sea Forts are large, sea-based communication centres found in, and used by, the Anglo Isles. In addition to communication, the forts are also used for defence and contain multiple AA and RPG turrets.

They are generally rather useless being "antiquated", offensively and defensively weak, and being poorly constructed with "shoddy Anglo workmanship".

The Sea Forts feature in numerous missions and are usually the enemy's. They first appear in the WiFi mission "Storm the Beaches", where Nova and A-Qira destroy two sea forts (as well as some battleships) in order to land troops in naval transports. They then appear in "Shipyards Ablaze" where A-Qira had captured a Sea Fort and attempts to use it to contact the Solar Fleet after he loses the docks at Porthampton. Two Anglo battleships destroy the Fort before the distress signal is sent. They last appear in Wifi mission "Armada" which is the first, and only, time that the Forts are on the player's side (and even then, only for the player playing as the Anglo Isles). Similar to "Storm the Beaches", A-Qira needs to destroy the two Sea Forts so he can land his troops in naval transports and recaputure Victory Island. The attack is repulsed by Windsor but, considering the difficulty in defending the forts, A-Qira likely suceeds in achieving his first objective.

After the war, it is unclear whether the Anglo Government bothers repairing the inept forts, or if they just demolish the remains and construct more up-to-date communication facilities.


  • With their circular shape and platform and observation tower on the top of the fort, The Sea Forts are obviously based heavily on Victorian-era sea forts which can be found off the British Coast
  • The Sea Forts in the WiFi mission "Armada" follow a trend common in missions where the player must defend objectives: the first is the most difficult to defend, and the last the easiest.
  • Sea Forts are the only defensive structure built in the water.