Operation Nautilus is the seventeenth mission in the Battalion Wars II Campaign Mode and the second mission in Campaign III: Tundran Territories (Present Day). The mission involves the player using Tundra's famous Dreadnaught, the TTS Potemptkin to destroy Kaiser Vlad's Naval Fleet moored in the Tundran seaport city of Novagrad.

Walkthrough Edit

The player begins the mission with one Dreadnaught, three Frigates, and two Submarines at his/her disposal. A group of RPG Towers lie ahead and can be taken out by the Dreadnaught but the player must prepare to counterattack against a group of enemy

Trivia Edit

°The name "Novagrad" comes from the Russian city of "Stalingrad" during World War II

°Novagrad is the first Tundran city named after a high ranking official within the Tundran Territories. The first is Gorgisburg

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