Invasion force is a conflict between the Tundrans and Xylvanains in the Dune Sea, the conflict takes place in the town of Dusty Springs. However a Western Frontier Battalion under the command of brigadier betty marched in the town . marshal nova requested help, the frontier had to advance through the town to the tudran radar array and defend it for five minuites until tudran high command received the distress signal. This is what the frontier did after defending two squads of rifle grunts at the the two brigdes entering dusty springs,after the distress signal was received, then betty ordered her commander to guide nova's battalion to the extraction point, major nelly then sent a group of transport copters to extract nova and his battalion.Kaiser vlad was furious. As nova thanked brigadier betty, she said to call her betty, and they should catch up over a glass of turnup juice. This comment shows that she fancies nova