Western Frontier Gunship
Vital statistics
Title Western Frontier's Gunship
Faction All except the Anglo Isles
Level Some
Status Common
Resistances Bullets and Fire
Weaknesses Rockets and Anti-Air Missiles

A Gunship is a attack helicopter. It has no remarkable traits, but what it does have is attack missiles and light machine guns. Any anti-air unit will take it down without trouble. It is the most versatile unit in the game, being capable to destroy armed structures, obliterate tanks and sink battleships without much trouble.


A gunship is mostly effective against ground units, although it can land some serious damage on naval units (As shown against a Tundran Battleship) and can put up a long dogfight against other gunships. It is mostly a helicopter, but the Solar Empire has a hovering system implanted on board, along with the Empire's Air Transport. The gunship is extremely vulnerable against Frigates, Anti-Air Veterans, Anti-Air Vehicles and Fighters. It is one of four units that is effective against a Battlestation; the others being the Bomber, other Battlestations, and Strato Destroyers. Also, if the player is skilled using an assault veteran this troop can be used to destroy one or two gunships before being killed.

Countries's DescriptionsEdit

Western Frontier Duey AH-86 Edit

The Duey AH-86 is the vanguard of Frontier Armored Divisions, assault teams, Raiders, and attacks on islands and escorts to top officials in hot areas. Sometimes the Assault teams use the landing skids as a rapid jump offs in areas too hot to land in and building rooftops for raids.

Tundran Territories Edit

The cockpit of the Tundran Gunship is air-pressurized to prevent the pilots from losing oxygen or freezing. When they step out of the gunship, they are swelter and sweaty.

Solar Empire Edit

BW2.SE Gunship
The Solar Empire's gunships are revolutionary. Unlike the other gunships, the Solar ones use anti- gravity repulsors (and if you stand under a solar gunship you will get anti gravity sickness) . But all in all, they do the same damage as any other gunships.

Solar gunships have two fast paced plasma missle luanchers, as well as two plasma machine guns for armament.

Xylvania Edit

Twin rocket launchers can be found underneath the cockpit of this neat-looking gunship. Since its tail is split in 2 near the end, with individual rotors on each end, it is able to turn faster, although it isn't really noticable.

Iron Legion Edit

These spectacular specters are the vanguards of Ferrok's air force. Although it cannot be done in-game, the large, scythe-like rotors can be used to mow down Solar infantry. (which would be a very nice sight for a T-rated game)

Iron Legion's Gunship can fire/shoot only 4 rockets per round, although the shots are faster.


If you are piloting a gunship, always be cautious of AA units. If you hover as low as you can, missles will have a harder time locking on to you, but moving lower may expose you to MG fire, so use caution . In BWii multiplayer skirmish mode, many maps that feature the gunship only supply each side with one Anti-Air Vet. If you are fast, you can probably take out the AA vet in your gunship before it can damage you and mvoeing fast, making the gunship a very powerful and fast unit.


Just couldn't resist taking a spin in the gunship, could ya, Commander? Well, I don't blame ya! General Herman

Trivia Edit

  • The Western Frontier "Duey AH-86" Gunship looks like a fusion of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, the UH-60 Black Hawk, and the McDonnel XV-1. The Name of the aircraft comes from UH-1 "Huey" while the name of its Heckfire Missiles comes from the AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles.
  • The Tundran Territories Gunship shares aspects of the Mil Mi-24 "Hind" and the Mil Mi-28 "Havoc".
  • The Solar Empire Gunship is quite similar in design to the GDI Orca gunship from the Tiberian RTS series.
  • The Anglo Isles were going to have a Gunship, eerily similar in shape to their Air Transport, but it was scrapped during development for unknown reasons.
  • If played by a competent player, the Gunship can serve as aerial Artillery by blasting its rockets into a precise arc so that it lands onto the enemy. However, with the Frontier Gunship, this is not neccessary, as the rockets have infinite range, and need no parabolic arc to hit enemies from afar.
  • In BW1, the Iron Legion's Gunship was the only unit in their army, other than the Grunt, that did not fire electrified rounds. In BWii, they now do.
  • Strangely, the Xylvanian gunship seems to fly and fire at a faster rate than the other present-day armies'.
  • In the mission Road to Xylvania, the Legion Gunships appear to spawn in unlimited numbers over the coast for unknown reasons.

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