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Exchange of Fire is the second level in Battalion Wars 2's skirmish mode.

Units Edit

Western Frontier and XylvaniaEdit

  • Dreadnought
  • Frigate
  • Submarines x2
  • Bomber
  • RPG Tower
  • Anti-Air Towers x3
  • Naval Guns x2


Exchange of Fire is notoriously strategic. If done correctly, it is incredibly difficult for both sides to avoid having both their naval guns destroyed.

Common strategies include:

  • Rushing one of the enemies RPG towers with your bomber in the beginning for the first strike bonus.
  • Camping as a frigate near naval guns when a point bonus (usually from the beginning rush) is present.
  • Sneaking a bomber all the way around the side of the map to get one guaranteed bombing run on the naval guns per bomber.
  • Using all units to destroy a frigate, and then bombing the naval guns.

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