BW2 QaLen
Vital statistics
Title Empress
Gender Female
Race Solar Empire
Faction Solar Empire, Alliance of Nations
Level Prologue, Iron Legion Campaign
Status Deceased
Location N/A

Qa-Len was the Empress of the Solar Empire during the Lightning Wars, she was the ancestor of the current Empress: Lei-Qo.



Qa-Len was one of the many rulers of the Solar Empire, trained to led her forces to fight the forces of Evil by her mother just like all the generations of rulers before hers.

By the time she was the Empress of the Solar Empire, the world was being invaded by the Iron Legion of Xylvania, a nation of tyranny and conquest led by the Ruthless Lord Ferrok in a attempt to conquer the world. The conflict was known as the Lightning Wars.

As the war went on, only the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories did not fell to the power of the Iron Legion, the Anglo Isles, altrough not conquered, were heavily damaged during the war. Eventually, the Iron Legion attempted to invade the Solar Empire with no avail, this led to the Solar Empire's invasion on Xylvania.

The Lightning WarsEdit

Qa-Len successfully cut off the Iron Legion from the rest of the world through the use of naval blockades and denying the Legion use of its massive airforce with numerous anti-air vehicles, infantry, and frigates. The Empress then led a full-scale invasion of Old Xlyvania to destroy the Legion in their very homeland.

Despite the intial success of her invasion, Qa-Len suffered numerous defeats once her forces gained a foothold. Again and again, she would attempt to destroy vital aspects that fueled the Legion's warmachine only to be thwarted by Lord Ferrork's commander. The Solar Empress attempted to use a weapon of mass destruction known as the 'Staff of the Empire' against the Iron Legion, but the battalion that served to deliver the weapon was annihilated by a single bomber. It was only then that a lone Solar grunt, through the use of staff's great power, was able to place the staff on Ferrork's Iron Tower and finally able to call upon an orbital satilite to destory the Legion in one fell swoop.

Despite victory, Qa-Len was saddned by so many sacrifices made by the Solar Empire and terrified of the power the staff called upon. Qa-Len would then travel deep into the most friged parts of the Tundran Territories to hide the destructive weapon from the wrong hands.


She died sometime after the Lightning Wars but she passed the torch to her daughter and eventually her future successors to protect the secrets of the Solar Empire and lead their forces if evils like the Iron Legion appears and attempts to conquer the world. however, the Staff used by the Empire to defeat Xylvania would eventually just become a legend only a few would know.


  • Her name seems to be based on the Japanese name Karin, just like how Lei-Quo is based on Reiko, and A-Qira is based on Akira.
  • During the first mission of the Iron Legion campaign, Purge, Lord Ferrok refers to Qa-Len as an "upstart empress", hinting that she might be a young empress lacking in experience. This would also attest to the strategic blunders she does in the later parts of the conflict.

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