Bonus Mission 2 is aquired by getting a high enough score on the Dune Sea Campaign. The player fights as xylvania for the only time in Battalion Wars and the mission uses the same map as Invasion Force.


The mission required the player to destroy 4 Tundran T-copters in the town of Dusty springs. The player has a time limit in which he must destroy the copters but when the player's battalion gets to close to one it will attempt to take off and the player will only have a few seconds to destroy it. When the player has destroyed all the copters he will have to eleminate a few tundran units untill Kaiser Vlad congratulates him and the mission ends.



  • grunts
  • minigun vets
  • light tanks
  • heavy tanks
  • anit-air vehicles


  • grunts
  • bazooka vets
  • light tanks
  • gunships
  • T-copters

Strategy Edit

It is important that you keep your tanks is front of your battalion to eliminate enemy tanks but also so they don't get stuck.

Protect your anit-air vehicles and take control of them whenever possible becuase they make short work of the transport copters and gunships. If your anit-air vehicles get destroyed assault vets can be very useful against gunships.

Be careful when in the city there are mulitple bazooka vets hiding between the buildings