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Solar Empire Battleship
Vital statistics
Faction Western Frontier, Xylvania, Solar Empire, Anglo Isles, Tundran Territories
Level Some
Status Common
Location Everywhere
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The Battleship is a naval unit that is introduced in BWii.

Involvement Edit

It is the most common naval unit.

All but the Iron Legion have it.


You don't get to play it and lots of people think it is not in the game but in the assault mission Storm the Palace there are 2 unused battleships, 2 frigates, and 1 dreadnought.


It shows up three times in the game. 1st in Enemies Undone. 2nd in Operation Reprimand. 3rd in Storm the Beaches when you can play as it.


It shows up 7 times in the game. 1st in the first cutscene of the Solar campaign. 2nd in the cutscene after Anglo Attack. 3rd in Showdown at Big Honshu when A-Qira sends his personal battleship. 4th when you play as it in Repel the Enemy. 5th in the first cut scene in the Anglo campaign. 6th when you fight them in Up Periscope. 7th in the final cut scene of the Anglo campaign.


It shows up 4 times in the game. 1st in the 1st cut scene of the Solar campaign. 2nd when you play as it in Shipyards Ablaze. 3rd when you play as it in Up Periscope. 4th is in a co-op mission when you fight them.


It shows up 3 times in the game. 1st in Operation Nautilus. 2nd in Ice Station X. 3rd in an assault mission Cold War.


The Battleship is best used to attack ground units and other naval units. Battleships can safely attack even Artillery thanks to its higher firepower, heavier armor, and better mobility. However Submarines, Dreadnoughts, Gunships, and Bombers can safely engage a Battleship, although Gunship need to be weary due to the Gunship having light protection against the Battleship's flak cannons.

With many glaring weaknesses such as being a large target and no viable anti-air weapons, Battleships need proper escorts. Keep Frigates nearby to protect it from Submarines and Aerial Units of all types. On the mission Cold War you can also use the bridge to hide from the opponent's bomber, but this significantly reduces it's ability to engage enemy targets. It is also good to keep the Battleship near the coast so that your Anti-Air Veterans will be nearby to protect you, but this too puts the Anti-Air Veterans in danger as they cluster together.


  • The Frontier battleship never appears in any mission.
  • The sound a Battleship makes is similar to that of an Artillery Unit