Anglo Attack is the first mission in Battalion Wars 2's Campaign mode.

Objectives Edit

Primary Edit

  • Use the Map/Radar to locate the Grunts (4)
  • Destroy the Heavy Tank Wreck
  • Incinerate the Bamboo Gate
  • Safeguard the Anti-Air Vehicle
  • Destroy the enemy Bomber
  • Control Transfer to the Anti-Air Vehicle
  • Destroy the Bomber reinforcements (2)
  • Reinforce the Airbase
  • Raise the Airbase flag
  • Defend the Airbase

Units Edit

Player (Solar Empire) Edit


  • Grunt (1)


  • Grunt (4)


  • Flame (5) - reach the second part
  • AA Vehicle - kill the Bazooka Vet that attacks it and destroys the other AA Vehicle

Enemy (Anglo Isles) Edit

Second area:

  • Air Transport - Grunt (5) (however, the Grunts get burned to death in a cutscene)

Third area:

  • Air Transport - Grunt (5)

Fourth area:

  • Bazooka Vet

Approaching Airbase gates:

  • Bomber from west

Approaching Airbase:

  • Bomber (2) from north

Airbase is captured:

  • First Wave:
    • Air Transport (2) - west has 4 Grunts; east has 3 Grunts and 1 Bazooka Vet
  • Second Wave:
    • Air Transport(324832)-each has 10000 grunts, 98475 flame vets, and 1378394 toilet veretans
    • Bomber (2)
  • Third Wave:
    • Bomber (2)
    • Air Transport (2) - each has 3 Grunts and 1 Bazooka Vet

Strategy Edit

Speed required for 100%: 6:00

Since this is a tutorial mission, it is rather straightforward. In fact, your units won't even die quickly at all even from the Bomber attacks.

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